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Our Menu

Vegetable Samosa (2pcs.) Price: $3.00
deep Fried Crisp Patties Filled with Potatoes & Green Peas.

Samosa Chatt Price: $6.00
Delicate Spiced Combination of Samosa & Chick Peas in yogurt topped with tamarind sauce and India salt.

Vegetable Price: $3.00
Garden Fresh, cus vegetable deep friend in mildly spiced chick-pen batter

Alu Tikki Chatt Price: $6.00

Papdi Chatt Price: $6.00

Chilli Pakora Price: $5.00

Paneer Tikka Price: $9.99

Pani Puri Price: $6.00

Dahl Bhalla Price: $6.00

Fish Pakora Price: $11.99

Tandoori Fish Price: $12.99

Chicken Tikka Price: $9.99
Boneless Chicken Marinated in Yogurt and freshly ground spices broiled in tandoor.

Sheekh Kabab Price: $9.99
Ground Meat seasoned with onions and herbs broiled in tandoor

Tandoori Chicken Price: $10.99
Chicken with Bone Marinated in Yogurt and freshly ground spices broiled in tandoor Chicken

Reshmi Kabab Price: $9.99
Minced Chicken mixed with freshly chopped Onion, bell peppers,

Malai Kabab Price: $11.99

Shrimp PakoraPrice: $15.00

RotiPrice: $1.99

Tava RotiPrice: $1.99

Onion KulchaPrice: $3.50

Paneer KulchaPrice: $4.00

NaanPrice: $1.99

Garlic NaanPrice: $3.50

Keema NaanPrice: $6.00

Alu ParanthaPrice: $4.00

Laccha ParathaPrice: $3.00

Gobhi ParathaPrice: $4.00

Egg ParathaPrice: $6.00

Chilli Chees Garlic NaanPrice: $6.00

Chilli Garlic NaanPrice: $4.50

Sarson Da Saag & Makki Di Roti Price: $11.00

Chhole Poori Price: $8.00

Chhole Batura Price: $8.00

Vegetable Platter Price: $10.00
Rice, Roti or Nan, 2 vegetable, Dal, Raita, Pickle and Salad

Mix Platter Price: $11.00
Rice, Roti or Nan, 1 Vegetable, 1 Meat Curry, Dal, Raita, Pickle and Salad.

Non Vegetarian Platter Price: $12.00
Rice, Roti or Nan, 2 Meat Curry, Dal, Raita, Pickle

Cheese Butter MasalaPrice: $12.00

Kaju CurryPrice: $10.00

Kashmiri BanganPrice: $7.99
Chinese Eggplant cooked in tomato and poppy seeds.

Malai Kofta Price: $7.99
Fresh mixed vegetables balls cooked in mild spicy cream sauce.

Mutter PaneerPrice: $7.99
Peas and Lightly fried homemade Indian Cheese cubes.

Alu Palak Price: $7.99
Freshly minced potatoes and spinach.

Palak Paneer Price: $7.99
Spinach with homemade Cheese Cubes cooked in spices

Paneer MakhaniPrice: $7.99

Channa PalakPrice: $7.99
Chick peas with spinach

Vegetable Jal FareziPrice: $7.99
Garden fresh vegetables marinated in fresh garlic, ginger, green peppers and tomato sauce.

Alu GobiPrice: $7.99
Potatoes and Cauliflower cooked in spicy sauce.

Kadai Paneer Price: $7.99
Small Chunks of cattage cheese and green peppers sauted in India Work with onions, Tomatoes, Girlic and Coriander.

Paneer KormaPrice: $7.99
Fresh home-made cottage crushed Paneer cooked in a creamy sauce and garnished with nuts.

Nav Rattan CurryPrice: $7.99
Mix vegetables and nuts, cooked in creamy sauce.

Baingan BhartaPrice: $7.99
Baked and ground eggplant lightly sauted with green pappers onions and tomatoes.

Sarson Da SaagPrice: $8.99

Paneer Masala Price: $7.99

Paneer Bhurji Price: $9.99

Chana Masala Price: $7.99

Bhindi Masala Price: $7.99

Alu Mattar Price: $7.99

Dal Makhni Price: $7.99

Yellow Dal Price: $7.99

Punjabi Kadhi Price: $7.99

Rajmah Price: $7.99

Chicken Do-Piaza Price: $8.99
Boneless Chicken cooked in spicy sauce with onion

Chicken Jal-Frezi Price: $8.99
Boneless Chicken Cooked on spicy sauce with onion green Pepper and tomatoes.

Chicken Curry Price: $8.99
Piece of chicken cooked in spicy sauce.

Chicken Curry with Bone Price: $10.99

Chicken Vindaloo Price: $8.99
Selected pieces of spring chicken cooked in Potato sheaply spicy tomato sauce.

Kadai Chicken Price: $8.99

Achari Chicken Price: $10.99

Chicken Saag Price: $8.99
Chicken cooked in with creamed spinach, fresh ginger and spices.

Chicken Makhani Price: $8.99
Boneless Chicken cooked in with creamy tomato sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala Price: $8.99
Roasted boneless chicken cooked with bell peppers and fresh tomato sauce.

Egg Bhurji Price: $8.99

Egg Curry Price: $9.99

Fish Curry Price: $12.00

Lamb Do Piaza Price: $11.99
Boneless cooked in spicy sauce with onion

Lamb Bhuna Price: $11.99
A gourmet specially, selected cubes of Lamb cooked with onion slices, tomatoes & Green peppers in a rich sauce with a touch of herbs & spices.

Lamb Vindaloo Price: $11.99
Chunks of lamb cooked in a hot, tangy sauce.

Keema Muttar Price: $11.99
Ground lamb cooked with garden fresh peas in onion gravy sauce

Lamb Curry Price: $11.99
Lamb cubes cooked in onion gravy sauce.

Lamb Saag Price: $11.99
Tender Chunks of lamb simmered in creamed spinach, fresh ginger and spices.

Goat Masala Price: $11.99
Goat meat cooked in the traditional north Indian style with onion.

Rice Pulao Price: $4.99
Pullav Rice with green peas

Jeera Rice Price: $3.00

Vegetable Biryani Price: $6.99
Spiced mixed vegetable & nuts cooked in rice.

Chicken Biryani Price: $8.99
Spiced chicken in layer of rice and nuts.

Lamb Biryani Price: $11.99
Selected royal portions of lamb cooked in herbs and spices with fragrant rice and nuts.

Goat Biryani Price: $11.99
Selected royal portions of goats cooked in herbs and spices with fragrant rice and nuts.

Punjabi Kulfi with Faluda Price: $6.00

Rasmalai Price: $3.00

Gulab Jamun Price: $3.00

Malai Kulfi Price: $3.00

Punjab Tea Price: $1.50

Salt Lassi Price: $2.99

Sweet Lassi Price: $3.50

Mango Lassi Price: $3.99

Soda Price: $1.00

Limca, Thums-Up, Fanta Price: $2.00